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Author: Pierrette Kuipers


There is a lot of misunderstanding about a burn-out. Recovering takes time and effort and that certainly applies for the reintegration. As their employer or supervisor, your help in this process is necessary. This will help your employee and can prevent a relapse. Reason enough to identify the three most important pitfalls and recommendations for employers.

Do not apply pressure

Work pressure is one of the most known reasons for a burn-out. Employees who are burned out, are extra sensitive for pressure. Questions as: “When will you be recovered?” or “When do you get back to work?” can oppose their reintegration. Your company doctor will indicate when the employee is ready to start at work again. You have to respect this advice, but it is always possible to ask for a second opinion.


Waiting or ignoring will often has the opposite effect. When you don’t contact your employee at all, the employee may get the idea that he or she is no longer wanted. So keep in touch with your employee! Also keep their direct colleagues informed, but remember that you are not allowed to share any personal information about the burned out employee.


Listen to your employee. Be involved and respectful. As a supervisor, take immediate action when you notice the first signs of a burn-out and do not wait until the employee actually has a burn-out. If your employee has a burn-out, then make a clear action plan together with your employee and the company doctor about what happens and when. Follow the recommendations of the doctor and give enough space to reintegrate at your own office and try to avoid discussions about irrelevant topics. And the end: prevention is better than cure!

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