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International Child Abduction: which court has jurisdiction?

Introduction International child abduction generally concerns a child who has been taken by one parent away from the other. That child has been taken – without authorization or against existing agreements – to a foreign country, for example from the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates. The question that will arise is whether or not the Dutch court is competent. Court in The Hague The court in The Hague needed to answer the question, whether or not the Dutch court is competent in a case where the children have been taken to the United Arab Emirates, without authorization or against existing agreements. The...

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International marriages 

International marriages  Author: Pierrette Kuipers    On the 29th of January 2019 a new European law entered into force to determine the applicable law for international marriages: de Europese huwelijksvermogensrechtverordening (European matrimonial property law regulation).    Introduction  An example. You are married in France and both, you and your partner, do have the French nationality. You and you partner live in France and after two years of marriage, you decide to move to the Netherlands. After moving to the Netherlands, you decide to divorce. You would like to divorce in the Netherlands, but is the Dutch court competent to judge about the distribution of your assets? Also over the assets which are still in...

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