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Coronavirus measures

Countering the spread together

The Coronavirus now has a major impact on our (business) life and requires us to take measures to counter the spread. Within this perspective, we too have taken a number of Corona measures.


In this way we inform you about the measures we have taken to reduce the risks of the outbreak and to ensure that our services to you continue as you have come to expect from us.


Every visitor to our office, be it an employee or a client, is required to use disinfectants upon entry. In addition, we will use 1.5 meters distance at all times. We use a registration list that every visitor, whether an employee or a third party, must fill in. In the unlikely event of an infection, it is easy to see who was present at our office at the same time as this person, so that he/she can take the necessary measures.


We will work from home as much as possible, unless this is impossible. Impossible options are for example a (necessary) meeting at the office, a session or because of a joint handling of a physical file. Complaints indicating Corona may not be made at the office. Our employees will only be allowed to reappear at the office if the symptoms are gone or if a negative test result has been received.


We will actively inform you about new developments, RIVM advice or changes in the above measures. For those of you who are directly affected by the virus, we wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time.


Do you have questions about this message, our measures or how we can help your organization in these times? Please contact us!