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Criminal law

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Criminal law


Have you received a summons from the Public Prosecutor’s office to appear before the court? Or did you immediately receive a penalty decision from the officer? Have you been summoned to an interrogation at the police station? Or is your driving licence taken? Then you are dealing with criminal law.


A lawyer from our office can assist you in the contact with the judiciary and/or the police. Together we will discuss the matter and the strategy, and we are obviously trying to prevent criminal prosecution or minimise its consequences.


Of course, we do not only provide assistance in the courtroom, but at all stages of the (criminal) procedure. For example during the police interrogation and until after the session. We also help with all sorts of procedures related to the criminal process. Examples include the restitution of confiscated goods, FIOD raids, TBS and defloration procedures.


Suspect in a criminal case

When are you a suspect in a criminal case?


Including if you are actually prosecuted by the government for a criminal offence.


There is a criminal financial investigation against you or if you have been convicted of an offence. At the same time, the prosecutor tries to deprive you of certain goods or money obtained by a criminal offence.


If you have any doubts as to whether or not you may be considered a suspect, we advise you to contact us.


Criminal proceedings

You will be sued by the public prosecutor for a criminal offence. The judge will assess whether you have committed this criminal offence and determine whether you should be given a penalty. In All these cases, a criminal procedure will be initiated which consists of several steps. Do you want to know what steps are being followed? If you are looking for advice and assistance during this procedure, please contact our criminal law specialists.


Arrest by police

You have been arrested by the police for questioning. This may be suspected of committing a criminal offence. You will be taken to the police station where you will be answered. It may also prevent you from being arrested, but you have received an “invitation to trial”. In all cases, you are entitled to advice and assistance from a lawyer. Even before an interrogation. We advise you not to take away this consultation right. Let yourself be made by a criminal law attorney. Our experienced criminal lawyers are committed to limiting the damage for you.


Economic criminal Law

Companies and their officers are subject to increasing pressure of control. Investigations by enforcement authorities such as the AFM and DNB and special investigation bodies such as the FIOD are becoming increasingly common. Specialised assistance is necessary in these cases. We can advise you about your position, your rights and the consequences that both your actions and that of the supervisory and tracing authorities can have. We assist you in:


Fraud cases and money laundering such as corruption, misappropriation, scams and falsity in writing.


Fiscal criminal law, such as tax evasion.


Defloration cases: Irrespective of the substantive treatment of the criminal case, the Public Prosecutor’s office may recover from the advantage obtained illegally.


Economic criminal law: such as violations of the law of Animals, Aviation Law, Telecommunications Act, the Environmental Management Act, the Nature Protection Act and the Law on gambling.


Financial criminal Law: You can think of trading with insider knowledge, course influence and market manipulation, etc.

Contact TLC Lawyers. Our specialists guide you in this process.