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Dept collection? These are the rules!

Author: Pierrette Kuipers


Most of the time it is no resistance if consumers or entrepreneurs do not pay your invoices. There can be various reasons. Sometimes, an invoice is not paid by accident, or because it is financially impossible or because of a conflict. What are the rules when you collect an invoice?

Step I: Keep in touch

It is important to keep in touch with your customer. It does not contribute to a good relationship If you immediately send a reminder for an unpaid invoice and add collection costs. That is why we recommend to send a reminder first, with the request to pay an outstanding invoice or to make a phone call. When there is a good reason for not paying your invoice, you will find oud immediately and you can find a solution together.

Step II: WIK-letter

When even the reminder wasn’t enough to let your customer pay your invoice, by Dutch law you are obliged to send one more written reminder: the WIK-letter. This letter regulates the amount of the collection costs, but also obliges you to send a reminder free of charge to your customer or relation if they are late in paying. Therefore, in this letter it is not possible to add collection costs before the final payment term.

After receiving the letter, your customer must be given a final payment term of 15 days to pay free of charge. You have to state exactly what amount of collection costs will be charged if your customer still doesn’t pay before the final payment term. The maximum collection costs are determined in the ‘Wet Incassokosten’, it is forbidden to add a higher amount of collection costs. You also have to state exactly what amount of interest will be charged after 15 days.

The final term of 15 days will start on the day after the letter has been delivered to your customer or business partner. One day is also charged for sending the letter. More concrete: the final payment term of 15 days will start two days after the date of your WIK-letter. Because of the burden of proof, we recommend to send the WIK-letter by special delivery.

Any questions?

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