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As a business owner, do you need legal advice? We are happy to help!

Legal advice entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you prefer to do business. But as an entrepreneur you can also be confronted with legal questions and problems. Things you would rather not deal with and for which you can make good use of legal advice. Think of a business conflict with legal consequences or drawing up business contracts and good general terms and conditions. TLC Lawyers is happy to think along with you in this respect and offers you the right legal support for every situation.


But also if you want to take over another company or if you need entrepreneurial advice, TLC Lawyers can assist you in word and deed.


In the following examples, among others, we offer legal advice to entrepreneurs:

Corporate law

Every entrepreneur has to deal with corporate law and company law, but not every entrepreneur can be expected to be aware of all relevant legislation. Whether it concerns the rules that are important when starting a business, shaping internal decision-making or (international) trade disputes. TLC Lawyers can advise you well and, where necessary, represent you in court proceedings.

Bankruptcy law

If your company is in dire straits and you are no longer able to meet your financial obligations, the problems can quickly accumulate. Your creditors want you to simply fulfill your obligations and pay the invoices. If necessary, creditors can seize or file for bankruptcy. The nightmare of every entrepreneur. TLC Laywers can help you arrange things as favorably as possible.

Debt collection right

Do you have unpaid invoices and do your payment reminders not lead to the desired result? Then outsource your collection activities to TLC Lawyers. We will take care of the efficient and effective collection of your claim. We will also take care of the collection costs and the statutory interest. In doing so, we first try to collect in the amicable process. If this does not lead to success, we will start a collection procedure with the (cantonal) court. An attempt will be made to recover all costs from the other party. We work at home and abroad for both large companies and small and medium-sized businesses. Would you also like to outsource your claims? Please contact TLC Lawyers.

Labour law

You want to dismiss an employee, but how should the employment contract be dissolved? Is your employee entitled to a transition compensation? What are your rights and obligations? Questions that are related to employment law and where you may need legal advice. An employment lawyer at TLC Lawyers will be happy to assist you. You can also contact us for employment law across the border.

Real estate and rental law

In fact, real estate law encompasses everything that has to do with real estate. Both the construction and the purchase and sale of it. Whether it is about investments, liens, a new foundation or flat rights, we are happy to help.


Are you renting or leasing business premises? We will be happy to advise you on the contents of the lease, but also on the various termination and dissolution options, for example, in the event of payment problems and defects or an eviction. With specialised knowledge and at competitive rates, we can facilitate and relieve tenants and landlords.

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