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Equine law

Are you dealing with equine law and need legal assistance?

Equine law

Horses are fantastic animals. Horses and equestrian sports are loved all over the world. From Twente to Australia they work, sport and live with horses. This is usually fun, but unfortunately there is also the occasional dispute about the purchase or sale, an accident with a horse and rider, illness or disability of the horse. All these legal issues involving horses are called equine law.


There can be various problems around horses. For example, a dispute may arise at the time of purchase of a horse or a liability issue may arise because your horse has caused damage or incurred damage itself. In such a case it is wise to be represented by an experienced equestrian lawyer of TLC Lawyers.


For example, questions that are asked to us and for which we can provide you with legal assistance:


  • I have been kicked by a horse and have been injured as a result. Can I recover this from the owner?
  • I am going to train a horse, but I want to contract this. Can I be assisted in this?
  • I bought a horse and it turns out that he is not healthy. What can I do?
  • I want to hire a stable assistant. Do I need an employment contract for this?
  • My horse has caused injury to another animal. Am I liable?
  • My horse has caused an accident. Do I have to pay the costs?
  • I want to stall my horse. Do I have to make an agreement for this?


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Do you have to deal with equine law and need legal assistance? TLC Lawyers can help you!