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Equine law

Equine Law

Horses are fantastic animals. Horses and equestrian sport are loved world-wide. All over the world people work with horses, practice sports with them and sell or purchase them. For the most part this is a lot of fun and good business but unfortunately every now and then there can be a dispute about the sale or purchase, an accident involving a horse and equestrian or sickness of the horse. Equine law can be of help in all kinds of issues regarding horses.


There may be a problem with the purchase of a horse, a liability issue because the horse has inflicted damage or has injured itself.


Questions that we get asked a lot in this legal area are:


  • I got kicked by a horse and have suffered injuries as a result. Can I get compensated by the owner?
  • I am going to train a horse but I want to capture agreements in a contract. Can you guide me through this process?
  • I bought a horse but it turns out the horse has health issues. What can I do?
  • I want to hire a stable assistant. Do we have to close an employment contract?
  • My horse has caused injuries on another animal. Am I liable for the damage?
  • My horse has caused an accident. Do I have to pay for the costs?
  • I want to stable my horse at the premises of another party. Do I have to close a contract?

Our team is ready to help you with all of these questions and more.