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Do you need legal advice as an individual? We are happy to help!

Legal advice for private individuals

As a private individual, you may find yourself in a situation where you can make good use of legal advice. Think for example of an imminent dismissal, an impending divorce or an accident. Whatever your problem or issue, it is always important to seek advice and/or support from TLC Lawyers at the earliest possible stage. This will give you immediate access to your legal position and a problem or dispute can often be solved more quickly.


If you have a legal conflict or if you want to prevent it, TLC Lawyers is the right place for you. You can also contact us for cross-border disputes. Our approach is characterized by the following key words: result-oriented, no-nonsense, direct and personal. Together we look for the best solution for you, so that you can get on with your life quickly.


In the following examples, among others, we can offer you legal advice:

Family law

Divorce your partner… And now?
The word is out: you’re getting a divorce. An emotional rollercoaster follows, a period in which you have to make many difficult decisions. And although your head isn’t set on it at all, it’s very important to arrange everything right now. But where should you start when so much is coming at you? Our team at TLC Lawyers will be happy to help you.

Personal injury law

Personal injury is both physical and psychological (immaterial) damage that you as a victim experience as a result of an accident, such as whiplash or a medical error. To compensate for the damage suffered, you can hold the other party liable for the personal injury and claim compensation. Are you dealing with bodily injury? Our team at TLC Lawyers can assist you in the entire process.

Criminal law

Have you received a subpoena from the prosecution to appear in court? Or did you immediately receive a sentence from the officer? Have you been summoned for questioning at the police station? Or has your driver’s license been confiscated? Then you are dealing with criminal law. Mr. Jan Vlug will assist you in your contact with justice and/or the police up to all stages of a possible (criminal) procedure.

Labour law

Your employer wants to fire you, but what are your rights and obligations? Are you entitled to a transition allowance? How often may a temporary contract be extended and when does a temporary contract change into a permanent contract? These are questions that are related to employment law and where you may need legal advice. An employment lawyer from TLC Lawyers will be happy to assist you. You can also contact us for employment law across the border.

Equine Law

Horses are fantastic animals. Horses and equestrian sports are loved all over the world. From Twente to Australia they work, sport and live with horses. This is usually fun, but unfortunately there is also the occasional dispute about the purchase or sale, an accident with a horse and rider, illness or disability of the horse. All these legal issues related to horses is called equine law. TLC Lawyers is happy to assist you with these legal issues.

Rental Law

Buying real estate is a good investment and happens more and more, also by private persons. Do you rent out residential or business accommodation and are you faced with non-payment, complaints or nuisance? TLC Advocaten will be happy to advise and assist you.

Do you need legal advice? We can help you!