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The world is not as big as it used to be. These days we travel the world within hours by car, train or plane. The digital evolution makes our world even smaller. We travel around the world for fun and business. Most of the times it works out the way you would like, but problems may arise. Especially with international trade, the risk of a dispute is even greater due to, for example, a language barrier, different cultures, other business mores, other (for example labor) legislation or the physical distance. You can get injured while travelling.


Our law firm TLC Lawyers has a broad international orientation and can assist you with such legal issues.


For example, do you want to know what the local rules are for doing business in a certain country? How should you deal with foreign employees or determine which law applies to your agreement? How the Vienna Sales Convention works or how you should settle your (international) marriage? Please feel free to contact us for a first consultation without any obligation. Thanks to our broad internationally oriented office with branches in the Netherlands and abroad, we can act quickly and provide you with clear and lasting advice.

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