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Labour law

Labour law

Are you an employer in the Netherlands? Are you considering opening a business or a branch office in the Netherlands?


Or are you considering moving to the Netherlands to accept a position in a Dutch company? Dutch labour law is a rather complex matter, with obligations of employers which may not exist in other countries. And even though EU regulations have led to a more comparable labour law landscape within Europe, there are still some distinctive differences to consider when hiring – or getting hired- in the Netherlands.


TLC Lawyers have helped many clients in the past with regards to international labour law issues, from planning and structuring of a new entity, to restructuring an existing company, and advice regarding a cross border employment contract


If you would like to read more about labor law and related cases, please read on.


Examples of topics that you might have to deal with:


1. I want to hire an employee from abroad. What do I need to consider?

2. I need to structure a benefits plan for my new or existing Dutch entity. What features are mandatory, which ones are customary?

3. What are my rights to terminate a contract with an employee in the Netherlands?

4. Can I operate with contract labor rather than employees in the Netherlands?

5. What are the rules if I want to send an employee from my Dutch office to another branch office, in the EU or elsewhere?

6. What kind of “Non Compete” Agreements are valid and enforceable in the Netherlands?

7. My employee in the Dutch company does not do the job properly. Can I terminate him/her? Under what circumstances and what formal requirements have to be considered?

8. We purchased a Dutch entity from abroad. Can I restructure the work force? What are the restrictions, if any?

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