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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury in the Netherlands 


Have you been injured in the Netherlands? Are you a victim of a car accident or a violent crime? 


Personal injury in the Netherlands can be either or both physical and psychological (immaterial) damage suffered by a victim as a result of an accident or crime. A car accident can cause injuries such as whiplash or much more severe damages, like fractures or internal bleeding. In order to compensate for the damage suffered, victims can make the counterparty liable for the injury damage, for pain and suffering and for compensation for expenses. In the Netherlands, the party that caused the damage also has to reimburse the injured party for statutory attorneys fees.  


Personal injury in the Netherlands may include several costs. Medical costs, medications and the material damage to clothes, bicycles or cars can be considered. Personal injury also includes immaterial damage, such as suffering, pain and lost joy of life 


Traffic accident? 


An accident always occurs suddenly. You are not prepared for it and it can completely turn your life upside down in a matter of seconds. If this happens to you as a visitor from a foreign company, you will have a lot of questions, such as: 


  • Who can I hold responsible for the damages? 
  • Who will reimburse me for my damages, including those for pain and suffering?  
  • How much is compensation for pain and suffering in the Netherlands?  
  • How will I get my life back on track? 


In order to be able to assess whis at fault for the accident, it is important that proper research is carried out regarding the cause of the accident. This is of great importance for the liability. 


A police report can provide a solution, as well as a criminal investigation that has been carried out by the police after the accident. If no research has been carried out by the police, we have several possibilities to get the facts clear, such as having the Dutch court carry out an investigation by an expert who can perform a traffic accident analysis. 


After it is clear who is at fault, and to what extent, the damages will have to be assessed.  Depending on the damage, this can be a time consuming task. In the Netherlands, we can ask for an advance compensation, to cover the time until the final amount has been determined.  


We work with our international clients by contacting the medical providers in their home country, often through local attorney colleagues of TLC, or lawyers in our network. Wek the doctors and hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad for any and all documents related to the treatment and obtain a medical analysis of the recovery status and of any lasting damages.  


Employee that falls due to a slippery floor in his workplace or an employee hurts him/herself because he/she works with dangerous machines.  

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