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Personal Injury law

Are you dealing with personal injury and need legal advice?

Personal Injury law

Personal injury is both physical and psychological (immaterial) damage that you as a victim experience as a result of an accident, such as whiplash or, for example, a medical error. To compensate for the damage suffered, you can hold the other party liable for the personal injury and claim compensation.


Personal injury damages can consist of various costs. For example, medical expenses, medication and the use of domestic help or material damage to clothes, bicycle or car. Injury also includes immaterial damage, such as suffering, pain and loss of enjoyment of life. The compensation for immaterial damage is called pain money.

Had a traffic accident?

An accident always happens suddenly. You are not prepared for it and can turn life completely upside down in a few seconds. All kinds of questions come up:


  • Is someone responsible for the accident?
  • Will I be compensated for my damage?
  • Who will pay for my damages?
  • How do I get my life back on track?


In order to assess who is to blame for the accident, it is important that a proper investigation is carried out into the circumstances of the accident. This is very important for the liability. Often the facts are immediately clear, sometimes not. For a proper investigation, a police report (official report) can offer a solution or the (criminal) investigation conducted by the police after the accident. If no investigation has been done by the police, we have several possibilities to clarify the facts, such as having an investigation carried out by an expert who can carry out a traffic accident analysis.


After it is clear who is guilty of the accident, the damage will have to be mapped out. Depending on the damage, this is usually very time consuming. In order to prevent it from taking too long before you receive compensation, we will ask you for an advance payment on the compensation. The damage must be included in a damage statement.


We collect the data from your handlers from the beginning. The medical consequences of the accident must be mapped out by a medical advisor.

Had an accident at work?

An accident can also occur during working hours. For example, an occupational accident occurs when an office worker has to grab something and falls down the stairs. Other examples are an employee slipping on the slippery floor of his workplace or an employee hurting himself while working with dangerous machinery. Soon the questions will come:


  • Is my employer liable for the accident?
  • Will I still get paid wages?
  • I have sustained injuries at work. What should I do?
  • Am I entitled to compensation?
  • Who is liable in case of temporary workers?
  • When must an accident be reported to the labour inspectorate?
  • Is the employer also liable in case of an accident during commuting?
  • Is the employer also liable in case of an accident during the work break?
  • What damages does my employer’s insurer have to compensate?


Questions where you can use a legal answer or advice!

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