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Pierrette Kuipers

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Paralegal (LLM) / branch manager location Enschede


Pierrette Kuipers first studied HBO-Rechten at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede prior to her Master’s degree in Law. During and after her HBO study, she gained work experience in the debt collection sector, where she took her first steps in the legal world as a debt collection and legal assistant.


After some time Pierrette made the transition to the legal profession. In addition to her job in the legal profession, she took her Master’s degree in Law – specialization in Private Law – at the Open University. At the beginning of 2020 she obtained her title (LLM) with her final thesis on “Meeroudergezag in Nederland, de oplossing voor kinderen in roze gezinnen?”


Pierrette works as a paralegal in various areas of law, but mainly in family law, employment law and bankruptcy law, as well as handling debt collection cases. She is also branch manager of the Enschede office.